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Jun 17

SANE Workshop 2017

Please note when planning your travel that, as in 2013 and 2015, the Speech and Audio in the Northeast (SANE) workshop will be held on the day after WASPAA, Thursday, October 19, 2017, in New York City, at Google. More information on the SANE website:

Apr 12

Student Travel Awards

The organizing committee is pleased to announce the availability of two student travel awards, see also further details.

Apr 03

First Sponsors Announced

The first batch of sponsors for WASPAA 2017 has been announced, see

Apr 03

Registration Fees Announced

The fees for early and on-site registration have been announced, see

Apr 03

Call for Demonstrations Opened

The 2017 edition of WASPAA will also feature demonstrations in addition to keynotes and paper presentations. The Call for Demonstrations is available here:

Mar 03

EDAS Submission Opened

The EDAS system for submission of WASPAA 2017 papers has been opened. Check the author guidelines and submit your paper here:

Mar 03

Keynotes Announced

The three WASPAA 2017 keynote speakers have been announced: Ville Pulkki, Augusto Sarti, and Mark Plumbley. Check out the topics of their keynote talks here: Keynote Speakers

Sep 16

Website Reset

The WASPAA website has been “reset”, ready for WASPAA 2017. Stay tuned for updates. The former content of the WASPAA 2015 website has been moved to the archive at